Monday, December 28, 2020

Happy Holidays, Simone.

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Simone is a given name that can be used for males or females. Derived from the Hebrew name Shimon, the name came into regular usage across European cultures thanks to the popularity of Christianity in Europe and the Biblical character Simeon. Depending on the language, Simone may be used as a masculine or feminine name. In Italian, Simone is a masculine name, pronounced with three syllables, as see-MO-ne, and its feminine form is Simona. In French and English, Simone is a feminine name, pronounced with two syllables, either as SEE-MAWN or sə-MON, and its masculine form in both languages is Simon. Additionally, Simone, as a girl's name, may be spelled Simonne outside of France and people of Italian heritage may bear Simone as a patronymic surname.



Simona Amanar (born 1979), Romanian gymnast

Simona de Silvestro (born 1988), Swiss race car driver

Simona Halep (born 1991), Romanian tennis player

Simona Koch (born 1968), German diver

Simona Orinska (born 1978), Latvian butoh artist

Simona Richter (born 1972), Romanian judoka

Simona Rinieri (born 1977), Italian volleyball player

Simona Ventura (born 1965), Italian TV hostess


Simone Alaimo (born 1950), Italian bass-baritone

Simone Alberghini (born 1973), Italian baritone

Simone Aldrovandi (born 1994), Italian footballer

Simone Alessio (born 2000), Italian taekwondo practitioner

Simone Ambrogio (born 2000), Italian footballer

Simone Andreetta (born 1993), Italian cyclist

Simone Angel (born 1971), Dutch TV host

Simone Antonini (born 1991), Italian cyclist

Simone Anzani (born 1992), Italian volleyball player

Simone Aresti (born 1986), Italian footballer

Simone Arrigoni (born 1973), Italian free-diver

Simone Askew, American Army officer

Simone Asselborn-Bintz (born 1966), Luxembourgian educator and politician

Simone Assemani (1752–1821), Italian Orientalist

Simone Aughterlony (born 1977), New Zealand dancer and choreographer

Simone Augustin (born 1976), German journalist and author

Simone Auriletto (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Bacciocchi (born 1977), Sammarinese footballer

Simone Badal-McCreath, Jamaican chemist and cancer researcher

Simone Bagel-Trah (born 1969), German businesswoman

Simone Bagnoli (born 1981), Italian basketball player

Simone Ballachi (1240–1319), Italian gardener

Simone Ballard (1897–1974), French mezzo-soprano

Simone Balli, Italian painter

Simone Balsamino, Italian composer

Simone Barabino, Italian painter

Simone Barck (1944–2007), German historian

Simone Barone (born 1978), Italian footballer

Simone Barontini (born 1999), Italian middle-distance runner

Simone Bartolini, Italian sopranist

Simone Basso (born 1982), Italian footballer

Simone Bastoni (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Battle (1989–2014), American actress and singer

Simone Bauer (born 1973), German fencer

Simone Beck (1904–1991), French cookbook author and cooking teacher

Simone Bell, American politician

Simone Bendix (born 1967), Danish actress

Simone Benedetti (born 1992), Italian footballer

Simone Benedettini (born 1997), Sammarinese footballer

Simone Benmussa (1932–2001), French writer and theatre director

Simone Bentivoglio (born 1985), Italian footballer

Simone Berardi (born 1979), Italian footballer

Simone Bernardini (born 1991), Italian cyclist

Simone Berriau (1896–1984), French actress

Simone Bertazzo (born 1982), Italian bobsledder

Simone Berti (born 1985), Italian basketball player

Simone Bertoletti (born 1974), Italian cyclist

Simone Bevilacqua (born 1997), Italian cyclist

Simone Bianchi (artist) (born 1972), Italian comic book artist, painter, and graphic artist

Simone Bianchi (athlete) (born 1973), Italian long-jumper

Simone Biasci, Italian cyclist

Simone Bignall, Australian philosopher

Simone Biles (born 1997), American gymnast

Simone Bittencourt de Oliveira (born 1949), Brazilian popular music (MPB) singer

Simone Bitton (born 1955), French-Moroccan filmmaker

Simone Blanc, French canoeist

Simone Blum (born 1989), German show jumper

Simone Boccanegra (died 1363), Doge of Genoa

Simone Bocchino (born 1978), Italian musician

Simone Bocci (born 1992), Italian writer

Simone Böhme (born 1991), Danish footballer

Simone Boilard (born 2000), Canadian cyclist

Simone Boldini (born 1954), Italian footballer

Simone Bolelli (born 1985), Italian tennis player

Simone Bonadies (died 1518), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Bonomi (born 1980), Italian footballer

Simone Borgheresi (born 1968), Italian cyclist

Simone Borrelli (born 1985), Italian actor, director, singer, songwriter and musician

Simone Mary Bouchard (1912–1945), Canadian painter and textile artist

Simone Bourday (1912–1943), French actress

Simone Boye Sørensen (born 1992), Danish footballer

Simone Bracalello (born 1985), Italian footballer

Simone Branca (born 1992), Italian footballer

Simone Brentana (1656–1742), Italian painter

Simone Brièrre (born 1937), French hurdler

Simone Brocard (born 1752), French slave trader

Simone Browne (born 1973), Canadian sociologist

Simone Bruni (born 1993), Italian-born Colombian footballer

Simone Buchanan (born 1968), Australian actress

Simone Buitendijk (born 1958), Dutch academic

Simone Burnett (born 1997), American singer-songwriter

Simone Buti (born 1983), Italian volleyball player

Simone Cadamuro (born 1976), Italian cyclist

Simone Cairoli (born 1990), Italian decathlete

Simone Callender (born 1978), British judoka

Simone Calori (born 1980), Italian footballer

Simone Calvano (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Campagnaro (born 1986), Italian cyclist

Simone Campbell (born 1945), American religious sister, lawyer and lobbyist

Simone Cantarini (1612–1648), Italian painter and engraver

Simone Cantoni (1736–1818), Swiss architect

Simone Caputo (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Carmichael (born 1977), New Zealand footballer

Simone Carretta, Italian painter

Simone Caruso (born 1994), Italian footballer

Simone Cavalli (born 1979), Italian footballer

Simone Cavens, American actress

Simone Cecchetti (born 1973), Italian portrait photographer

Simone Cercato (born 1975), Italian swimmer

Simone Cerdan (1897–1967), French singer and actress

Simone Chapuis-Bischof (born 1931), Swiss activist

Simone Charley (born 1995), American soccer player

Simone Tanner Chaumet (1916–1962), French peace activist

Simone Chiavari, Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Christensen (born 1994), Danish BMX rider

Simone Ciancio (born 1987), Italian footballer

Simone Cilio (born 1992), Italian film composer

Simone Cipriani (born 1964), Italian official of the United Nations

Simone Ciulli (born 1986), Italian swimmer

Simone Clarke (born 1970), English ballerina

Simone Collio (born 1979), Italian sprinter

Simone Colombi (born 1991), Italian footballer

Simone Colombo (born 1963), Italian tennis player

Simone Confalone (born 1974), Italian footballer

Simone Consonni (born 1994), Italian cyclist

Simone Corazza (born 1991), Italian footballer

Simone Corsi (born 1987), Italian motorcycle racer

Simone Couderc (1911–2005), French mezzo-soprano

Simone Créantor (born 1948), French shot putter

Simone Cristicchi (born 1977), Italian singer-songwriter

Simone da Cusighe, Italian painter

Simone D'Aillencourt (born 1930), French model

Simone Dallamano (born 1983), Italian footballer

Simone D'Andrea (born 1974), Italian voice actor

Simone da Orsenigo, Italian architect

Simone Alves da Silva (born 1984), Brazilian long-distance runner

Simone de Beauvoir (1908–1986), French author and philosopher

Simone Decker (born 1968), Luxembourgian artist

Simone De Haan (born 1953), Australian trombonist

Simone dei Crocifissi (1330–1399), Italian painter

Simone de la Chaume (1908–2001), French amateur golfer

Simone De La Rue, American dancer and fitness expert

Simone Del Duca (1912–2004), French businesswoman

Simone Dell'Acqua (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Dell'Agnello (born 1992), Italian footballer

Simone Del Nero (born 1981), Italian footballer

Simone del Pollaiolo (1457–1508), Florentine architect

Simone del Tintore (1630–1708), Italian painter

Simone de Magistris (died 1613), Italian painter and sculptor

Simone de Mari, Italian sailor

Simone Dénéchaud (1905–1974), Canadian painter and educator

Simone de Oliveira (born 1938), Portuguese singer and TV actress

Simone de' Prodenzani, Italian poet

Simone di Nanni Ferrucci (born 1402), Italian sculptor

Simone Dinnerstein (born 1972), American classical pianist

Simone Di Pasquale (born 1978), Italian dancer

Simone Doria (admiral) (born 1135), Genoese admiral

Simone Drexel (born 1957), Swiss singer-songwriter

Simone Duvalier (1913–1997), First Lady of Haiti

Simone Edera (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Edwards (born 1973), Jamaican basketball player

Simone Egeriis (born 1992), Danish singer

Simone Elkeles (born 1970), American young-adult romance novelist

Simone Ellegeest, Belgian cyclist

Simone Emmanuello (born 1994), Italian footballer

Simone Ercoli (born 1979), Italian swimmer

Simone Eriksrud (born 1970), Norwegian musician

Simone Esposito (born 1990), Italian footballer

Simone Facey (born 1985), Jamaican sprinter

Simone Falloni (born 1991), Italian hammer thrower

Simone Farelli (born 1983), Italian footballer

Simone Farina (born 1982), Italian footballer

Simone Fattal (born 1942), Lebanese-American artist

Simone Fautario (born 1987), Italian footballer

Simone Favaro (born 1988), Italian rugby union player

Simone Felice, Italian engraver

Simone Ferrari (born 1994), Italian rugby union player

Simone Ferrari (footballer) (born 1999), Italian footballer

Simone Ferrucci (1437–1493), Italian sculptor

Simone Finn, Baroness Finn (born 1968), British politician

Simone Fischer-Hübner (born 1963), Swedish computer scientist

Simone Fontana (born 1991), Italian bobsledder

Simone Fontecchio (born 1995), Italian basketball player

Simone Forbes (born 1981), Jamaican sportswoman

Simone Forlani (born 1974), Italian rower

Simone Forte (born 1996), Italian triple jumper

Simone Forti (born 1935), Italian-born American artist

Simone Fraccaro (born 1952), Italian cyclist

Simone Franchini (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Gallimard (1917–1995), French editor

Simone Andrea Ganz (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Gavinet, French canoeist

Simone Gbagbo (born 1949), Ivorian politician

Simone Genatt, American theatre producer

Simone Genevois (1912–1995), French actress

Simone Ghidotti (born 2000), Italian footballer

Simone Ghini (1400–1491), Italian sculptor

Simone Giannelli (born 1996), Italian volleyball player

Simone Giertz (born 1990), Swedish TV host

Simone Gilges (born 1973), German contemporary artist

Simone Giuliani (born 1973), Italian musician

Simone Giuliano (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Gonin (born 1989), Italian curler

Simone Gouws (born 1999), South African field hockey player

Simone Gozzi (born 1986), Italian footballer

Simone Greiner-Petter-Memm (born 1967), German cross-country skier and biathlete

Simone Greselin (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Griffeth (born 1950), American actress

Simone Rao Grimaldi (died 1616), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Grippo (born 1988), Swiss footballer

Simone Grotzkyj (born 1988), Italian motorcycle racer

Simone Guerra (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Guerri (born 1982), Italian footballer

Simone Guilissen (1916–1996), Belgian architect

Simone Haak (born 1952), Dutch artist

Simone Hankin (born 1973), Australian water polo player

Simone Hanner (born 1949), French swimmer

Simone Hanselmann (born 1979), German actress

Simone Harris, Trinidad and Tobago actress

Simone Hauswald (born 1979), German biathlete

Simone Henry (born 1938), French sprinter

Simone Hindmarch (born 1968), English swimmer

Simone Hines (born 1975), American singer

Simone Holtznagel (born 1993), Australian model

Simone Hudon-Beaulac (1905–1984), Canadian painter and printmaker

Simone Hyams (born 1971), British actress

Simone Iacone (born 1984), Italian racing driver

Simone Iacoponi (born 1987), Italian footballer

Simone Iannarelli (born 1970), Italian composer and classical guitarist

Simone Icardi (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Impellizzeri (died 1701), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Inzaghi (born 1976), Italian footballer

Simone Iocolano (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Jacquemard (1924–2009), French writer

Simone James, British actress

Simone Jatobá (born 1981), Brazilian footballer

Simone Johnson (born 1970), English rapper and actress

Simone Jones, Canadian artist

Simone Joseph (born 1982), South African figure skater

Simone Kaho (born 1978), New Zealand poet

Simone Kaljob, Cameroonian footballer

Simone Philip Kamel, Egyptian singer

Simone Keller (born 1980), Swiss pianist

Simone Kennedy (born 1994), English-born Australian cyclist

Simone Kennedy-Doornbos (born 1970), Dutch politician

Simone Kenyon, English performance artist

Simone Kermes (born 1965), German soprano

Simone Kessell (born 1975), New Zealand actress

Simone Kirby, Irish actress

Simone Kleinsma (born 1958), Dutch actress and singer

Simone Kliass, Brazilian voice actress

Simone Koch (born 1969), German figure skater

Simone Koot (born 1980), Dutch water polo player

Simone Kues (born 1976), German wheelchair basketball player

Simone Kuhn (born 1980), Swiss beach volleyball player

Simone Lafargue (1915–2010), French tennis player

Simone Lahbib (born 1965), Scottish actress

Simone Laidlow (born 1965), English hurdler

Simone Lang (born 1971), German figure skater

Simone Lange (born 1976), German politician

Simone Lässig (born 1964), German historian

Simone Laudehr (born 1986), German footballer

Simone Lazaroo (born 1961), Australian author

Simone Le Bargy (1877–1985), French actress

Simone Legno (born 1977), Italian artist

Simone Leigh (born 1967), American artist

Simone Le Port (1920–2009), French Resistance member

Simone Lia, English cartoonist and author

Simone Arnold Liebster (born 1930), French writer

Simone Lo Faso (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Loiodice (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Loria (born 1976), Italian footballer

Simone Lovell (born 1934), British actress

Simone Luiz (born 1992), Brazilian rhythmic gymnast

Simone Lunadori (died 1610), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Lurçat (1915–2009), French Resistance member

Simone Luzzatto (1583–1663), Italian rabbi

Simone Magill (born 1994), Northern Irish footballer

Simone Magnaghi (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Majoli (1520–1597), Italian canon lawyer, bishop and author

Simone Majolo (died 1597), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Malacarne (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Malatesta (born 1982), Italian footballer

Simone Maludrottu (born 1978), Italian boxer

Simone Malusa (born 1974), Italian snowboarder

Simone Mantia (1873–1951), Italian-born American trombonist

Simone Manuel (born 1996), American swimmer

Simone Mareuil (1903–1954), French actress

Simone Mariani (born 1964), Italian-American actor, writer, director and producer

Simone Martini (c. 1284–1344), Italian painter

Simone Masciarelli (born 1980), Italian cyclist

Simone Masini (born 1984), Italian footballer

Simone Mathes (born 1975), German hammer thrower

Simone Mayer (1920–2006), French hematologist and author

Simone Mazzocchi (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Mazzola (born 1996), Italian motorcycle racer

Simone McAullay (born 1976), Australian actress

Simone McGurk (born 1963), Australian politician

Simone McKinnis, Australian netball player and coach

Simone Meier (born 1965), Swiss middle-distance runner

Simone Melchior (1919–1990), wife and business partner of undersea explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau

Simone Menezes (born 1977), Brazilian conductor

Simone Merli, Italian electronic musician

Simone Mestaguerra (died 1257), lord of Forlì

Simone Michel-Lévy (1906–1945), French Resistance member

Simone Mikeladze, Georgian nobleman

Simone Minelli (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Mirman (1912−2008), French-born British milliner

Simone Missick (born 1982), American actress

Simone Missiroli (born 1986), Italian footballer

Simone Molinaro (c. 1565–1636), Italian composer

Simone Molteni (born 1992), Italian rower

Simone Morgado (born 1967), Brazilian politician and economist

Simone Mori (voice actor) (born 1965), Italian voice actor

Simone Mori (born 1972), Italian cyclist

Simone Moro (born 1967), Italian alpinist

Simone Mortaro (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Mosca (1492–1554), Italian sculptor

Simone Moschin (born 1995), Italian footballer

Simone Motta (born 1977), Italian footballer

Simone Muench, American poet

Simone Muratelli, Italian speedway rider

Simone Muratore (born 1998), Italian footballer

Simone Murphy, Scottish model

Simone Nalatu (born 1980), Fijian-Australian netball player

Simone Niggli-Luder (born 1978), Swiss Orienteering World Champion and three time Swiss Sportswoman of the Year

Simone Nobili (born 1991), Italian model

Simone Oliverio (died 1668), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Opitz (born 1963), East German cross-country skier

Simone Orlando, Canadian ballerina and choreographer

Simone Ortega (1919–2008), Spanish culinary author

Simone Osborne, Canadian lyric and operatic soprano

Simone Osygus (born 1968), German swimmer

Simone Padoin (born 1984), Italian footballer

Simone Palermo (born 1988), Italian footballer

Simone Palombi (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Paltanieri (died 1277), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal

Simone Paolini (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Papa the Elder (1430–1488), Italian painter

Simone Papa the Younger (1506–1567), Neapolitan fresco painter

Simone Parodi (born 1986), Italian volleyball player

Simone Pasa (born 1994), Italian footballer

Simone Pasqua (1492–1565), Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal

Simone Pasticcio (born 1976), Italian footballer

Simone Patacchiola (born 1991), Italian footballer

Simone Pavan (born 1974), Italian footballer

Simone Pecorini (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Pedroni, Italian pianist and conductor

Simone Pepe (born 1983), Italian footballer

Simone Perico (born 1989), Italian footballer

Simone Perilli (born 1995), Italian footballer

Simone Perrotta (born 1977), Italian footballer

Simone Pesce (born 1982), Italian footballer

Simone Peter (born 1965), German politician

Simone Cathrine Petersen (born 1997), Danish handball player

Simone Peterzano (1535–1599), Italian painter

Simone Petilli (born 1993), Italian cyclist

Simone Petrangeli (born 1975), Italian politician and lawyer

Simone Pianetti (born 1858), Italian anarchist

Simone Pianigiani (born 1969), Italian basketball coach

Simone Pignoni (1611–1698), Italian painter

Simone Pinna (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Pinzani (born 1972), Italian footballer

Simone Pizzuti (born 1990), Italian footballer

Simone Plé-Caussade (1897–1986), French music educator, composer and pianist

Simone Pontello (born 1971), Brazilian basketball player

Simone Pontiggia (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Pontisso (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Ponzi (born 1987), Italian cyclist

Simone Porzio (1496–1554), Italian philosopher

Simone Pratt (born 1996), Bahamian tennis player

Simone Prendergast (1930–2012), English legal professional and philanthropist

Simone Prutsch (born 1978), Austrian badminton player

Simone Puleo (born 1979), Italian footballer

Simone Raffini (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Ragusi (born 1992), Italian rugby union player

Simone Raineri (born 1977), Italian rower

Simone Rapisarda Casanova (born 1970), Italian experimental filmmaker

Simone Rapp (born 1992), Swiss footballer

Simone Rasmussen (born 1993), Danish handball player

Simone Ravanelli (born 1995), Italian cyclist

Simone Renant (1911–2004), French actress

Simone Rignault (1943–2019), French politician

Simone Ritscher (born 1959), German actress

Simone Rizzato (born 1981), Italian footballer

Simone Robertson (born 1975), Australian actress

Simone Carafa Roccella (died 1676), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Rocha (born 1986), Irish fashion designer

Simone Romagnoli (born 1990), Italian footballer

Simone Rosalba (born 1976), Italian volleyball player

Simone Rossi (born 1968), Italian businessman

Simone Rossmann (born 1978), Austrian designer

Simone Rosso (born 1995), Italian footballer

Simone Rota (born 1984), Filipino footballer

Simone Ruas (born 1919), French athlete

Simone Ruffini (born 1989), Italian swimmer

Simone Russini (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Saback (born 1956), Brazilian composer, writer, screenwriter, poet and journalist

Simone Sabbioni (born 1996), Italian swimmer

Simone Fernando Sacconi (1895–1973), Italian violin maker

Simone Antonio Saint-Bon (1828–1892), Italian admiral

Simone Sales (born 1988), Italian footballer

Simone Salviato (born 1987), Italian footballer

Simone Sancioni (born 1988), Italian motorcycle racer

Simone Sanna (born 1978), Italian motorcycle racer

Simone Sannibale (born 1986), Italian footballer

Simone Santarelli (born 1988), Italian footballer

Simone Santi (born 1966), Italian volleyball referee

Simone Scatizzi (1931–2010), Italian Roman Catholic bishop

Simone Schaller (1912–2016), American hurdler

Simone Scherer (born 1994), Swiss trampolinist

Simone Schilder (born 1967), Dutch tennis player

Simone Schmiedtbauer (born 1974), Austrian politician

Simone Schneider, German operatic soprano

Simone Schwarz-Bart (born 1938), French novelist and playwright

Simone Schweber, American scholar

Simone Scozzari (born 1900), Sicilian mobster

Simone Scuffet (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Segouin (born 1925), French Resistance member

Simone Sello (born 1968), Italian guitarist and record producer

Simone Sereni (born 1968), Italian footballer

Simone Severini, Italian-born British physicist

Simone Sheffield, American film and television producer

Simone Signoret (1921–1985), French actress

Simone Silva (1928–1957), Egyptian-born French actress

Simone Simeri (born 1993), Italian footballer

Simone Simon (1910–2005), French film actress

Simone Simoni (1532–1602), Italian philosopher and physician

Simone Simons (born 1985), Dutch mezzo-soprano singer

Simone Singh (born 1974), Indian actress

Simone Sini (born 1992), Italian footballer

Simone Smith (Canadian editor), Canadian film editor

Simone Smith (British editor), Scottish film director and film editor

Simone Soares (born 1977), Brazilian actress

Simone Solinas (born 1996), Italian footballer

Simone Spoladore (born 1979), Brazilian actress

Simone Stacey (born 1977), Australian singer-songwriter

Simone Stella (born 1981), Italian harpsichordist, organist and composer

Simone Stelzer (born 1969), Austrian singer

Simone Sterbini (born 1993), Italian cyclist

Simone Storm (born 1969), Brazilian volleyball player

Simone Stortoni (born 1985), Italian cyclist

Simone Stratigo (1733–1824), Greek-Italian mathematician and nautical scientist

Simone Sylvestre (born 1923), French actress

Simone Tascone (born 1997), Italian footballer

Simone Tata (born 1930), Swiss-born Indian businesswoman

Simone Tebet (born 1970), Brazilian politician

Simone Tempestini (born 1994), Romanian rally driver

Simone Terenzani (born 1978), Italian speedway rider

Simone Téry (1897–1967), French journalist

Simone Theis (born 1940), Luxembourgian swimmer

Simone Thiero (born 1993), Congolese handball player

Simone Thomalla (born 1965), German actress

Simone Thomaschinski (born 1970), German field hockey player

Simone Thompson (born 1996), American model and actress

Simone Thust (born 1971), German race walker

Simone Tiribocchi (born 1978), Italian footballer

Simone Tomassini (born 1974), Italian singer-songwriter

Simone Tonelli (born 1991), Italian footballer

Simone Urdl, Canadian film producer

Simone Valère (1923–2010), French actress

Simone van der Vlugt (born 1966), Dutch writer

Simone Vagnozzi (born 1983), Italian tennis player

Simone Vanni (born 1979), Italian foil fencer

Simone Vaturi (born 1988), Italian ice dancer

Simone Vaudry (1906–1993), French actress

Simone Veil (1927–2017), French lawyer and politician

Simone Velasco (born 1995), Italian cyclist

Simone Velzeboer (born 1967), Dutch short track speed skater

Simone Venier (born 1984), Italian rower

Simone Verdi (born 1992), Italian footballer

Simone Vergassola (born 1976), Italian footballer

Simone Verovio (died 1607), Dutch calligrapher, engraver, printer and editor

Simone Villanova (born 1984), Italian footballer

Simone Vitale (born 1986), Italian footballer

Simone Waisbard, French explorer

Simone Warzel (born 1973), German mathematical physicist

Simone Wearne (born 1980), Australian baseball player

Simone Weil (1909–1943), French philosopher and activist

Simone Weiler (born 1978), German swimmer

Simone Wendler (born 1955), German chemist and journalist

Simone Wild (born 1993), Swiss alpine ski racer

Simone Wilson (politician) (born 1976), Australian politician

Simone White (writer) (born 1972), American poet

Simone White (born 1970), American singer-songwriter

Simone Wilkie (born 1964), Australian Army officer

Simone Young (born 1961), Australian conductor

Simone Zaggia (born 1965), Italian astronomer

Simone Zanon (born 1975), Italian long-distance runner

Simone Zaza (born 1991), Italian footballer

Simone Zgraggen (born 1975), Swiss violinist

Simone Zucato (born 1976), Brazilian actress


Simonne Lizotte, Canadian politician

Simonne Monet-Chartrand, Canadian social activist

Fictional characters and pseudonyms

Simone, the pet dog in The Partridge Family TV series

Simone, a fictional character on the 2002 film S1m0ne, played by Rachel Roberts

Simone, Shane Botwin's school friend from Weeds, portrayed by Jillian Rose Reed (2008–2009)

Simone Adamley, a student from Ferris Bueller's Day Off, portrayed by Kristy Swanson

Simone Deveaux, fictional character on the TV show Heroes (2006–2007)

Simone Grove, a character from the TV series Why Women Kill, portrayed by Lucy Liu

Simone Lenoir, a cartoon character from the 1998 film Scooby-Doo on Zombie Island, voiced by Adrienne Barbeau

Simone Sinclair, a character from the TV series, Switched at Birth, played by Maiara Walsh

"I'm miserable with you, I'm miserable without you."
-Charles Sr. to Mom Talise, when I was just a little baby boy.

I hope you're okay.

Love forever.


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